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Cleaning & Janitorial

Commercial and Residencial

4Smartpro, LLC, believes in the transformational power of home improvement. Let us help you turn your house into the home of your dreams. 

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4SmartPro, Cleaning, and Janitorial. awarded for Vendor of the Month, Is dedicated to serving each client’s individual cleaning needs by personalizing cleaning plans and providing high-quality #SAFE CHOICE USE, work on time, at fair prices. 

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  1. Cleaning, Scraping, and Vacuum the entire Area from Gums floor stickers, and stains. Mope it down and dry.

  2. Strip it down. First, we apply a commercial-grade floor stripper and let it do its work. 

  3. Scrub it off. Once the floor stripper has gone to work, we use an aggressive scrubbing pad to loosen all the material. ...

  4. Clean the base. ...

  5. Apply the floor finish. and floor wax as needed to shine. 

  6. we also apply our secret source but when you call in for a service, is best believe to see. 

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